“…a treasure trove of lessons on the healing…of troubled relationships.”

This is a wonderful read about humanity – a message of love, hope, understanding, and forgiveness – a treasure trove of lessons on the healing and repairing of troubled relationships. “Dr. Ken” provides valuable insight into the intimate workings of human interaction. Whether you are a layperson or work in the counseling profession, “Dr. Ken’s” compassionate guidance will leave you inspired.

Rosemary Ross, RN, BSN, BS


“Well written, practical, solid guidance.”

In my 61 years of pastoral ministry, I wish the principles presented in this book had been available to couples I have counseled. Well written, practical, solid guidance. Highly recommend that every couple practice the advice given. In the volatile world we live in today I would highly recommend “Becoming One.”

Bob Stull, Pastor, Village Bible Church, Greenwood, IN

“A novel that is thought provoking.”

Rasmussen and Sievertson have written a novel that conveys a real look at the problems many families face in today’s world.

They have done a masterful job at showing how in intimate relationships the characters use healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with or avoid dealing with the complications of family and relationships.

Well written and easily relatable. A novel that is thought provoking.

Thomas P. Prendergast LCAC, Co-Executive Director, Co-Founder Life Recovery Center
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“…excellent book with wonderful character development.”

Becoming One is an excellent book with wonderful character development. This is the kind of book to which every couple can relate in some way. I’m looking forward to reading more by these insightful authors.

Candice Due, M.S., LMHC

“…engaging novel…”

In this engaging novel, the authors demonstrate to couples today that they are not alone as they face daunting and seemingly overwhelming challenges to their marriages and family relationships. We follow the journeys of three couples behind the door of the the office of “Dr. Ken” as he weaves Christian principles, biblical teaching and time tested therapeutic tools in a uniquely personal way as he guides and supports them and the reader to navigate the path to “Becoming One” in Christian marriage today.

Sheila Vercruysse, Ph.D.

“…compelling real life scenarios…”

Dr. Russ Rasmussen and Jeff Sievertson provide compelling real life scenarios of deteriorating marriages, each encouraged to change by embracing new skills before tackling old problems–strengthened by the truth of God’s Word, Becoming One.

Robert Anderson, Pastor of Care Ministries, New Hope Church, Greenwood, IN

“As a Psychologist and a Christian I found a lot to love and admire…”

Becoming One is a beautiful Novel about love and marital therapy with a subtle dose of Christian wisdom in the mix. As a Psychologist and a Christian I found a lot to love and admire about the style of therapy that was portrayed by Dr. Ken in this book. The couples who come to Dr. Ken for help are familiar and believable as they learn the skills to enrich their marriage and families by loving one another as they wish to be loved. Dr. Rasmussen puts the heart and soul into this delightful story of human frailty and Godly redemption.

Patricia Burkett, Psy.D. Is a Psychologist in St. Petersburg, Florida. Currently practicing with Florida Cancer Specialists.

“Becoming One, cries out to be read…”

Every single person, as a member of the human race, has some form of brokenness. Becoming One, cries out to be read by any person who has ever experienced struggles in their life, marriage, or any relationship. The revelatory storytelling, with its’ compelling, vivid characters seeming so real, so life-like, (as evidenced by their colorful language, and sometimes off-putting sense of humor), allows the reader to identify and connect the stories with their own life troubles.

Yet, the book offers far more than just making connections with the reader, with its’ nuggets of biblical principles interwoven throughout the book, Becoming One, allows the reader to have the courage to take steps towards healing, wholeness, reconciliation and freedom as it offers hope for those in need of real life change in their brokenness.

Jeanne Moore, MDIV, Pastor, International Speaker, Pastoral Counseling, Author, Catalyst

” I love the way the book ends.”

For over 50 years as a pastor, I have been terrified that I might wake up to learn that I have been successful in managing behavioral change in people but have not been very successful in introducing people to Jesus. This book has reminded me of Galatians 3:24 that says “ Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith”. I love the way the book ends.

Ken Dalton, Pastor, Village Bible Church, Greenwood, IN