“Becoming One, cries out to be read…”

Every single person, as a member of the human race, has some form of brokenness. Becoming One, cries out to be read by any person who has ever experienced struggles in their life, marriage, or any relationship. The revelatory storytelling, with its’ compelling, vivid characters seeming so real, so life-like, (as evidenced by their colorful language, and sometimes off-putting sense of humor), allows the reader to identify and connect the stories with their own life troubles.

Yet, the book offers far more than just making connections with the reader, with its’ nuggets of biblical principles interwoven throughout the book, Becoming One, allows the reader to have the courage to take steps towards healing, wholeness, reconciliation and freedom as it offers hope for those in need of real life change in their brokenness.

Jeanne Moore, MDIV, Pastor, International Speaker, Pastoral Counseling, Author, Catalyst